어린이 전도폭발

I. 비젼 (Vision Statement)

  1. Clarify the Gospel for children (어린이들에게 복음을 명확하게 전달함)
  2. Bring children to saving faith in Jesus Christ (어린이들에게 예수님의 구원의 확신을 가져다 줄수있도록)
  3. Assist children in becoming witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ (어린이들에게 주 예수 그리스도의 증인이 될수있도록 도와줌)

II. 주제성구
그러나 너는 배우고 확신한 일에 거하라 너는 네가 누구에게서 배운 것을 알며 또 어려서부터 성경을 알았나니 성경은 능히 너로 하여금 그리스도 예수 안에 있는 믿음으로 말미암아 구원에 이르는 지혜가 있게 하느니라 (딤후 3:14-15)

III. 내용
어린이 전도폭발은 초등학교 4-6학년 아이들을 대상으로 아이들에게 복음을 선명하게 심어주고 예수님을 믿음으로 구원의 확신을 얻어 일평생 예수님의 증인으로 살도록 훈련하는 14 unit 과정의 전도훈련입니다. 효과적인 훈련을 위하여 드라마, body Worship, Craft, 그리고 Oral presentation등을 통하여 복음을 증거하는 방법을 배우게 됩니다. 어린이 전도폭발 훈련을 통하여 이세상을 복음으로 변화시킬 믿음의 군사로 키워나가도록 양성하게 될것입니다.

IV. 어린이 전도폭발 내용

  • Units: Students and teachers meet weekly to learn 14 units of the basics of Christian faith (i.e. God, man, sin, grace, faith, commitment), as well as train students to know and present Gospel Presentation through memorization, body worship, and various skits.
    (학생들과 선생님은 매주 미팅을 통해 총 14과의 기독교인의 기본 믿음 (하나님, 인간, 죄, 은혜, 믿음, 헌신) 과, Memory Verse, 율동, 연극등을 통해 학생들이 복음제시를 배웁니다)
  • Weekly Homework: Students will be assigned weekly homework (e.g. memory verses, daily quiet time, prayer projects, and Gospel Presentation) which must be fully completed every week.
    (학생들에게 매주 숙제를 내줄것이며 꼭 끝내야 합니다. Memory Verse,큐티, 기도 프로젝트, 복음제시).
  • On-the-job Training is where students are taken to different locations to evangelize to strangers (with the Gospel Presentation)
    (현장실습을 통한 훈련은 학생들이 여러 장소에서 사람들에게 복음제시를 해야 할것입니다)
  • Final Exam: Students will be verbally tested by teachers on the completion and memorization of the Gospel Presentation.
    (학생들은 구두로 복음제시를 완전히 외워야되는 시험을 통과해야만 어린이전도폭발 프로그램을 성공적으로 수료 받을수 있습니다)
  • Graduation Banquet: Students, staff, and parents come together to celebrate student achievement and graduation from Kids’ EE. (학생들, 선생님들, 부모님들이 모두 참석하셔서 함께 격려하며 축하하는 졸업식이 있을것입니다)
  • 문의: 이진아 전도사: 951-454-2188


Before I joined E.E I thought I knew who God is and considered myself as a Christian. But now I learned on what to do and actually know who God is and what he is like. I first hated to come to E.E because of all the memorizing and just being there, but it was only because I had the wrong mindset. After I changed my wrong mindset, I actually did enjoy my time in E.E. I listened to what the pastor was saying and took notes. Before I met God I felt like I could do everything by myself and fix my own problems. After I met God I feel more safe and always have someone to rely on and ask for help. In E.E I learned so many new things and ways I could share the gospel to others so they can be saved.
Before I started EE, I had pretty decent knowledge about God, salvation, and Jesus Christ. I attended DT 1 and DT 2 before starting EE, so I knew who God was. However, I still had doubts about if I was going to go to heaven, and if I was a real Christian. Couple weeks before I started EE, I was dreading it. Mainly because I had to memorize more verses. I also thought: Why do I have to do this? I already went through DT 1 and DT 2. I wasn’t as close to God then, and I didn’t pray nor read the bible as much as I do now. That was until I finished EE. When I went through 12 weeks of learning God and following what he instructed us to.

After EE, I am now confident that I will be with God in Heaven someday. I’m also sure that Jesus died on the cross for my sin, and that he is offering the free gift of eternal life to us. I also learned many things. Such as the right way to share the gospel (Gospel Path), sin, heaven, and God’s word. Additionally, doing daily QT’s also helped me realize who I am and reflect on my sins. In fact, it helped me learn more about God and his word. Next, I learned about the gospel path. The one thing that stood out to me the most while memorizing the gospel path was the faith section, which talks about saving faith and just faith. Through EE, the teachers taught me that saving faith is not only knowing about God, and not temporary faith. Instead, saving faith is trusting in Jesus Christ ALONE for eternal life. Knowing this, I reflected on my one life and saw that I did not trust in Jesus alone. I still had idols I looked up to AND sometimes forgot about Jesus. So, going through EE helped me with realizing this. Moreover, memorizing the verses were totally worth it. The Bible taught me how we should act and how God is both
loving and just. Finally after 12 weeks of training, I am now reading the Bible and praying regularly on a daily basis. With my mom, we read 3-4 chapters every day starting from Genesis and all the way to Revelation. Before meals, I pray to God for a good day and that I could get closer to him. I learned a lot of things during EE and I can’t wait to tell others the good news that I learned from EE.

In the beginning, I had some knowledge about God. But after EE, my brain is exploding of what I learned about him. Going through EE was totally worth it, and I will remember everything that I was taught for the rest of my life.

In Exploding Evangelism, I have learned many things about evangelism and learned how to share the gospel well. I have learned about the gospel paths, heaven, sin, God, Christ, faith, and response. I have also learned trinity and how it works. I have learned about the two most important questions in EE, “Do you know for sure you will be with God in heaven someday?” and If God asked you, “Why should I let you into My Heaven?” We have watched many skits in the gymnasium and I have always learned one thing from the skit, and they were always fun to watch too. We have also written in our sena or QT books and also wrote in our passports. We have learned this all from the great EE teachers and also Pastor Jinah and Pastor Terah. I am very excited to start evangelising the word of God so they can have the joy of him too.


A) 베델에 다니는 학생들 4학년부터 6학년까지 참여할 수 있습니다.
A) 2019년에는 어린이 제자훈련이 진행되는 관계로 2020년에 어린이 전도폭발이 있을 예정입니다.
A) 2020년에 어린이 전도폭발이 있을 예정입니다.
(12주간 주일 오후 1시부터 3시30분까지 프로그램이 진행 됩니다.)
A) 참가비는 $100 입니다. 12주의 훈련 과정과 뱅큇을 통해 어린이 전도폭발 수료식이 진행됩니다.

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