어린이 창조과학 캠프 (Kids’ Answers In Genesis Camp)

성경속 과학 이야기 를 풀어나가면서 성경이 역사적 사실임을 성경으로 설명하며 배우는 프로그램입니다. 자녀들은 학교와 미디어를 통하여 진화론이 마치 사실이며 진리인것으로 교육되고 있는 현실입니다. 4주 과정의 창조과학 프로그램과 Field Trip을 통하여 많은 어린이들이 하나님의 창조의 손길과 성경대로 행하신 사실을 배우는 시간을 통하여성경에 대한 믿음이 더 확고하여 지게 될것입니다.

프로그램 설명

1. Origin of the Universe: The Heaven Declare

2. The Origin of Humans

3. Dinosaurs

4. Noah’s Flood/ Ice Age

5. Field Trip

• 문의: 이진아 전도사: 951-454-2188


A) 4학년에서 6학년 아이들이 참여할 수 있습니다.(2018-2019학년)
A) Answers In Genesis에서 나온 교재와 신나는 게임, 과학 실험, Craft, DVD Clip과 세미나를 창조과학 캠프를 통하여 배우게 됩니다. 캠프 장소는 베델수련양관에서 이루어지며 마지막 날에 Field Trip으로 San Diego에 Creation & Earth history Museum으로 가게 됩니다.
A) 신청은 온라인으로만 하실수 있으며 5월5일부터 5월 19일까지 선착순으로 등록을 받게 됩니다. 프로그램은 7월 23일부터 7월 26일까지 4일동안 진행이 되며 7월 26일은 Field Trip으로 San Diego에 Creation & Earth history Museum으로 가게 됩니다.
A) 참가비는 $100 이며 Field Trip은 $30 더 내셔야 합니다.


I started this camp because I was very interested in the evolution of the people and the Big Bang Theory. But then when I started to listen the first lecture about the space, and the God’s Creation, I knew that God made our planet the best place to live. Earth has the best temperature, the right amount gravity, the air…….there are to many thing that were perfect, so I couldn’t even name all. Also, if the moon wasn’t there, there were no tides. If, there were no tides, Our world would be a disaster. The next day, when I was curious about the evolution, I learned that there was no evidence, the missing part, so there is NO evidence.
Because of this camp, I learned about all my thoughts were wrong, and It was all fake. Ending this article, I believe god’s eternal power.
First what I think about the Evolution and The Big Bang theories, is that it makes no sense at all. The scientists said that the Big Bang started when all was quiet and there was nothing. Nothing. And then, all of a sudden, a sudden bursts of gasses blew up and thats how the big mang started. The first scientist to come up with the idea of a ‘big bang’ was the astrophysicist Friedrich Franz Friedmann who used relativity field equations to prove that the universe was expanding. Edwin Hubble’s (Another astrophysicist,) observations later proved this theory. Mr. Hubble discovered something called the “red shift” of the galaxies. He measured their distances from Earth by observing specific stars called “Cepheids”. The “red shift” distance law of galaxies is now referred to as Mr. Hubble’s law. Well, that’s all false and I will prove it to you. There was this one time where diggers found a skull with and orangutan’s jaw. Well it appeared that it was fused together with krazy glue or something. One thing I know that the creation was true was that there was nothing. God was with the nothing. In fact, he MADE the nothing. Then he started commanding orders and the world we know of today started building itself. Well I think that covers it. THX FOR READING!!!!! XD
I am so blessed & happy that I got to participate in this awesome camp! I learned so many new things in these past four days, and I am so excited to learn more. Before Answers in Genesis, I didn’t know what was completely true. I knew that God created our earth, but I also thought as if the evolution and big bang theory could have happened. Scientists and “discoverers” wanted to find where and why everything started. Even though all the answers were in the bible, they wanted to credit themselves for finding it. Even the scientists knew that they were wrong, but they wanted the fame and fortune. Now that I know the truth and have backing information and facts, I want to tell other people. I wish everyone would know the complete story of this misunderstood topic. So that they know that they are loved by an amazing and creative God.
During answers in genesis, I was so shocked about how much I learned. Before aig, I realized that I was blinded with how great Gods creation was. I couldn’t see the end of it. About 2 years ago I was in 5th grade, my friend told me that dinosaurs lived in Noah’s ark and also lived with people. I was like denying her so much I said that their was no way that that could of ever happened. But then she gave me this book called answers book for kids. While I was reading the book, I was so shocked and very frozen at that moment and yet I still had so many questions about the creation. So my mom signed me up for this program. I admit it. It was a bit boring because we had to sit in the same char for about 2 hrs. But the amount of information I was getting, was unbelievable. I was writing down so many things in my notebook that I couldn’t fit everything! In aig, I learned that God made our earth so perfect that we have the perfect amount of water, oxygen, nitrogen, heat, distance between planets, and so much more! I also learned that our earth is protected by layers. The most shocking thing I learned in this program was that fire breathing dragons existed. Gods word WILL last forever but time WILL NOT. Now, how do I know all this?? Because the Bible is TRUE. Im truly blessed to be in this program and I am so eager to tell other people about this truth.
God made us all. You and me. He is the alpha and omega.” the pastors would always claim. I knew that term well, but I didn’t understand it clearly. I was very familiar with that term, but I always got confused. Maybe it is just another theory. Just like the Big Bang. So I did not know what it meant. In the past few days of Answers In Genesis, I learned a lot more than what I used to know. I learned that evolution, it was created, because of Satan also. The scientists who still believe that they can prove that the evolution is true, that would even take their whole time until the next coming of Jesus, but not even find the answer. We learned about examples of the scientist discoveries that were either a 100 percent human’s, a 100 percent animals, or the scientists put the body parts of both humans and animals together. I learned that even though the scientists may have their own way of explaining, there are a lot of missing parts in the theory that we were made by the big bang, and human generation came from the form of monkeys. One of the facts are, if it was the big bang, what created the big bang? And what created the cause of the big bang? Even if the archaeologists look for millions of hours, days, and years to try to find an ape man’s bones, they still would not be able to figure out how and what it was when they were living. The skulls and the other bones of a animal or human cannot tell you anything when they had already died. Even if you try hard, and try to recreate the image of an ape-man with your knowledge, that still doesn’t prove anything, because all the pictures of an ape-man is wither from your imagination, or well, photoshopped. The Big Bang theory does not have any proof whatsoever. Because, it is a false fact. For since the bible tells us so. As a result, in Answers of Genesis, we learned that God created and made us ever so delicate.